Our Board

The Oatka Creek Watershed Committee has a Board of Directors that can have as few as three persons or as many as thirty-one. At present, our Board consists of nine persons from a variety of backgrounds, including education, the farming community, private citizens and those involved with the environmental sciences. There are four Corporate Officers: a Chair, Vice Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary who are elected from among the directors. The OCWC meetings are open meetings, and others attend who do not vote, but whose input and participation are integral to the workings of the Committee.

Board of Directors

Maureen Leupold – Town of Wheatland (through 2023)

Steve Leupold – Town of Wheatland (through 2023)

Peter Lent – Town of Caledonia (through 2023)

Jennifer Keys – Village of LeRoy (through 2024)

Ninja “Nikki” Calhoun – Village of LeRoy (position through 2024)

Alan Garrett – Village of Caledonia (position through 2024)

Lisa Compton – Village of LeRoy  (through 2022)

Jim Seiler –  Genesee County District Conservationist, WNY Crop Management (through 2022)

Rick VenVertloh – Village of Scottsville (through 2022)

Corporate Officers

Peter Lent – Chair

Maureen Leupold – Vice Chair

Jennifer Keys – Treasurer

Lisa Compton – Secretary

The Oatka Creek Watershed Committee, Inc. is a not for profit corporation. All contributions are tax-deductible.