Earth Day Tree Check Cancelled for Tomorrow

Because of all the recent rain, Maureen & Steve thought they would go check out the water level situation at the Oatka Creek Park planting site.

Maureen reports: “Large ash have fallen on the path to the old bridge and from there the path to the bridge is completely under water.  You can go overland to the trees but Steve said at least 15-20% are in water.   We drove over to the fishing Parking lot.  A lot of trees down on the blue trail and it is also flooded once it turns towards the creek.   We again left the trail, went overland, and could not get to the our trees due to flooding.  The park is a mess.    The Garbutt station is predicting that the water level will continue to rise overnight.  I suggest that we cancel the event tomorrow for reasons of safety.  We actually heard a tree falling apart on the south steep slope of the creek.”

Charlie also reports: “The creek looks like it will crest soon, but it is just shy of flood stage, I agree about the danger as it is more than 2 feet over bank full in the park area now. ”

So there you have it! We will reschedule the work for a later date. We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Maureen and Steve for checking things out!

Here’s some pictures they took of the site:

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Earth Day Tree Check

Maintenance of the Trees for Tribs planting sites is important to the long term success of the planting. Join us this weekend for a health check of the site in Oatka Park.

Time and Place: Oatka Creek Park from 9AM-Noon  (unless we have heavy rain showers!)

Where to Park: Fishing Access Parking Lot off Union Street or along Scottsville-Mumford Road where we walk across the tracks SEE MAP BELOW

Where to Meet: congregate At the Middle Site where we gave the training demonstrations last May

What to Bring: hammers, clippers, loppers, plastic cable ties, clipboards and pencils. Also be sure to bring water, work gloves, boots, insect repellent & sunscreen, large plastic buckets and tools for punching holes in tubes may be helpful too

What We’ll Do: We’ll straighten up the tubes, clean out weeds and debris in tubes, re-secure the tubes to stakes, remove tubes and plastic weed mats where trees are dead or completely browsed, and record plant conditions & mortality

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Come Help Plant Trees Along the Oatka!

The OCWC is again partnering with Genesee Country Village and Museum for Trees for Tribs project along the Creek. From our friends at the museum:

Check back often for updates!

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Thank You!

Thanks to all the folks that helped out on Saturday morning marking storm drains in LeRoy. We marked a good portion of the drains in the Jersey Side neighborhood, and will be organizing other work sessions to continue the project throughout the Village. A big thanks also to our funding sponsors, Genesee SWCD and the Vic Blood Foundation!

See us on Facebook for more pictures!

Demo of putting the caulk on the marker.

George & Steve get down to business!

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Reminder – LeRoy Storm Drain Marking this Saturday – April 15

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