Earth Day Tree Check

Maintenance of the Trees for Tribs planting sites is important to the long term success of the planting. Join us this weekend for a health check of the site in Oatka Park.

Time and Place: Oatka Creek Park from 9AM-Noon  (unless we have heavy rain showers!)

Where to Park: Fishing Access Parking Lot off Union Street or along Scottsville-Mumford Road where we walk across the tracks SEE MAP BELOW

Where to Meet: congregate At the Middle Site where we gave the training demonstrations last May

What to Bring: hammers, clippers, loppers, plastic cable ties, clipboards and pencils. Also be sure to bring water, work gloves, boots, insect repellent & sunscreen, large plastic buckets and tools for punching holes in tubes may be helpful too

What We’ll Do: We’ll straighten up the tubes, clean out weeds and debris in tubes, re-secure the tubes to stakes, remove tubes and plastic weed mats where trees are dead or completely browsed, and record plant conditions & mortality

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