Tree Planting Volunteers Needed!

On Saturday, May 25th, volunteers are needed to plant trees on our latest streambank restoration project in Town of Hume, Allegany County, NY. Details are here.

We want to thank all of you who helped at last year’s tree planting at the Mallard Dairy Streambank Stabilization site in the Town of Caneadea. Well, we’re at it again! This time we will be planting and area that is twice as long as the Mallard’s Dairy site and we will plant nearly 1600 trees & shrubs (over 500 more than we planted last year). 

Even though we have a larger site and more trees we feel we can get the job done in 1-day, provided that we have close to the 65 volunteers that helped last year. In our favor is that we have learned some things from last year regarding logistics for the tree-planting event and our coordination should be more efficient. Also, the soils at the Edelweiss Farm site are considerably less stony when compared to the Mallard’s Dairy site. The tree planting should go quicker as a result. We plan to break up the site into 6 sections (each being 300 feet long) and keep the same crew working each section until all trees are planted in the section. We won’t start working a new 2nd section until we have a full complement of volunteers working in the 1st first section. The crew of volunteers that are working with each other will know the planting plan and will have their own set of supplies and a foreman who is familiar with what needs to be done. All the details are here. If you can help, please contact Peter Lent as soon as you can so he can add you to the contact list (see info needed in brochure). Last year we had folks volunteering from every corner of the Genesee River Basin, as well as a contingent from the College of Environmental Science & Forestry at Syracuse University. Please ask your friends if they would like to spend a few hours helping us out on Memorial Day weekend.

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