Get Your Trees Here! HUGE OVERSTOCK!


Gary Koplun, DEC Region 8 Forester, passed along this info on bargain of all bargains!!!

via OCWC Vice-Chair Maureen L:

TREES! TREES! Get your trees here!

There is a new tree nursery in Newark, Wayne County. They have an oversupply of trees (a huge oversupply 10’s of thousands) this year. They are looking for ways to provide them cheap or donate to worthy causes. It’s a pretty good variety of trees and they’re container trees; mostly 1 gallon pots, from what I saw. The primary objective of the nursery is to grow stock for their mine reclamation projects in Virginia & West Virginia. For whatever reason, the stock they currently have won’t be shipped south. They don’t intend to repot them, so they need to find takers. If you or anyone else you know is interested, give Laura a call.

ERP Environmental Fund, Inc.
621 East Maple Avenue
Newark, New York 14513
Laura Bailey, Greenhouse & Nursery Manager
(315)332-8626 ext 100

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